How to Change a Franke Triflow Water Filter Cartridge

Just like any other water filter, the cartridge of the Franke Triflow water filter needs to be replaced. The amount of time that it takes depends on how many family members there are and how much water is run through the filter. Usually a family of four needs to change the filter every six months. If you've reached your first six months, you need to take the following steps.

Secure a new filter with the same serial number. Shut off the water and drain the excess water in the pipes. Turn the faucet to on position to do this. Once the water has drained, put a bucket under the drain pipe that's beneath the sink.

Remove the Franke Triflow water filter by lifting it from the bracket. The bucket should catch any water that remained.

Remove the housing from the filter. It slides off.

Hold the cap in one hand and the Franke Triflow water filter cartridge in the other and twist. It unscrews and the cartridge is ready for disposal. Wrap the old cartridge before you throw it away. It can go with your normal trash.

Clean the housing out. First wash it in sudsy water and then rinse it completely.

Prepare to install the new cartridge. Notice that there are two "O" seals on the end. Wet these before you screw the cartridge back into the cap. Handle this process carefully. If you happen to crossthread or overtighten the cartridge, it may not seal properly.

Slide the housing on and twist back into place. Put it on the bracket. Check for leaks when you turn on the water. Run it for a minute or two and look for any weeping or dripping at the joints. If none exist, you have successfully installed the new Franke Triflow water filter cartridge.


Check for the serial numbers on the present cartridge to find the one to purchase.

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