How to Get a Level I CrossFit Certification

Whether you're an Olympic athlete or a grandparent, you can get fit with the CrossFit program. If you're interested in becoming a trainer for this strength and conditioning program, you'll have to pass through levels of certification. You will start with the Level I Crossfit certification.

Participate in some CrossFit exercise programs. Be familiar with the movements and terminology. Level 1 certification is designed to give you a better understanding of CrossFit.

Go to the CrossFit homepage to find a list of upcoming Level I Certification seminars under "Upcoming Events". Click on the event you wish to attend.

Fill out the online registration form and remit a deposit or full payment for the Level I Certification seminar. Read through the required written material emailed to you after registration is complete.

Attend the Level I Crossfit Certification two-day seminar. Take notes. Attend all lectures and demos and participate in workouts.

Receive a certificate stating that you have attended the Level I CrossFit Certification seminar and have an understanding of the movements and concept of CrossFit. The certificate also states you have the ability to teach CrossFit at this level.


Take the Level I CrossFit certification seminar as often as you desire or need. There is a reduced cost for repeated enrollment in the seminar. You must have a Level I Certification certificate before moving on to Level II.


Pay the entire $250 registration fee for a Level I Certification seminar two weeks prior to the event. You can pay in installments, as long as the fee is paid in full by the required date. Deposits or full payments for a Level I CrossFit Certification seminar are not refundable or transferable.

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