How to Clip Matted Hair on Long-Haired Cats

One of the benefits of owning a long-haired cat is caressing its beautiful coat. But sometimes the cat's fur becomes matted and needs to be clipped. The daily grooming long-haired cats do oftentimes isn't enough to keep the fur from becoming matted. Removing the matted fur is vital to the health of your long-haired cat, so follow the steps listed to learn about clipping fur.

Place a pinch of cornstarch on the long-haired cat's matted fur. Gently work the cornstarch into the hairs with your fingers.

Pull the matted fur upward, making sure not to pinch the cat's skin. Grasp the bottom part of the mat right above the skin.

Work the hair loose with either a pair of bandage scissors or a seam ripper. Clip from side to side to avoid cutting your cat. Once you hair loosen the hair, use a fine-toothed comb to comb the hairs apart.

Use a pair of clippers with a #10 blade to clip the remainder of the fur that you can't cut with scissors. You might need to ask a friend to help you hold the cat while you clip. Follow the cat's fur and cut straight down the back and then around the tail.

Be patient when clipping your pet. It may take several sessions to remove all the mats.

Groom your pet daily after all the mats are removed.


Your cat might not be agreeable to having its fur combed and clipped. If the cat wants to leave, let her. If not, she can bite or claw you. Try again later when she's relaxed. If the fur is too matted for you to clip, groomers and veterinarians can clip your long-haired cat.


Don't bathe your long-haired cat first before trying to remove matted fur. Instead, wait until after your cat has eaten or after she has run herself ragged with playing. When using clippers, always feel your cat's skin to make sure the skin doesn't get too warm. The skin on a cat is very thin, so it's important to not give your cat clipper burn.

Things You'll Need

  • Cornstarch
  • Bandage scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Clippers with #10 blade
  • Fine-tooth comb
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