How to determine gender of African Grey parrots

Updated February 21, 2017

African Grey parrots are popular pets. Determining the gender of the African Grey parrot is not the easiest thing about having them as pets. The genders of the parrot have very few differences between them, which can make it very difficult for owners to know if they have a male or female parrot.

Measure your parrot. Male parrots are the larger of the two sexes, measuring between 30 and 35 cm (12 and 14 inches).

Look at the shape of your parrot's head. The male African Grey has a broader, flatter head. The female of the species has a longer, more slender neck and her head is smaller and rounder than her male counterpart.

Step away from you parrot and look at the shape of your parrots body from a distance. Female African Greys have a longer, more elliptical shape to their body, while the male is more round.

Check the colour of the underside of your parrot's tail. The color of a male's tail is going to be a solid red colour. The red underside of the female's tail will have silver tips on the feathers.

Gently lift your parrot's wing and check the colour of the wing. The underside of the wing is very dark grey in males and light grey in females.


The only sure-fire way to determine if you have a male or female parrot is having it genetically tested by your vet.

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