How to report suspected drug activity

Updated February 21, 2017

Drug activity can seem strangely obvious or can be so covertly hidden that you never seen it happen. If you see suspicious activity, how do you report it? What information do you need to give the officers? Use these steps to answer these questions and learn how to report suspected drug activity in your neighborhood or area.

Stay inconspicuous yourself. Do not stand out or draw notice to yourself. Drug dealers or users are volatile individuals and may harm you if they suspect you are going to call the police or cause them any kind of inconvenience that might hamper their business or territory in any way.

Gather as much information as you can about the incident. Where did the activity take place? What are the descriptions of both people involved? Have you seen the person or people around the area before? What exactly did you see? These are all important to get the officers the correct information. Drug cases are often hard to prove, so the solid testimony of even one witness can make a huge difference.

Call the police. 9-1-1 is normally not recommended in this instance unless there is a weapon or bodily harm involved. Give them the information you remember and gathered.

Follow up. This means you should visit the police station in the neighborhood of the drug activity occurance, and fill out a police report or incident report. This will give them the information in a witness statement format, which makes it more powerful.

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