How to calculate prorated rent

Written by ehow contributor | 13/05/2017

Calculate the proper proration to move in. After searching several apartments or homes, you have found the perfect apartment or house for your family and it's available to move into immediately. You would rather take occupancy now instead of waiting until the first of next month. In speaking with the leasing agent, it is determined that you will need one month's deposit and the prorated rent in order to move in.

Determine how many days there are in the month that you are moving in. Is this a 30 day month or is it a 31 day month? If you are moving into the new place in February, then obviously you would count 28 days. Don't forget about leap years.

Ask what your monthly payment will be. Divide your monthly payment by the number of days in the month.

Multiply that figure by the date you will move in on and this will give you the prorated amount. For example, if the rent is $1600 a month and you are planning to move in on March 12. Since March has 31 days you will divide 1600 by 31 which will give you 133.33. Multiply 133.33 by 12 (for March 12th) and that will give you $619.35.

Prorate that amount. In other terms, you will subtract the $619.35 from the full monthly amount. So in keeping with the example we used, take $619.35 from the full amount of $1600 and that is the amount with the deposit that you will pay to move in.

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