How to hide a bruise

Updated February 21, 2017

Proper treatment heals and shortens the appearance of bruises. In the meantime, a remedy to hide the bruise makes sense. Using the correct makeup tones and colors that best match the color of the bruise remains the only temporary fix to hide it.

Apply an ice compression to the bruise before putting on makeup. This reduces the swelling. Allow 15 minutes. Ice cubes in a zip lock plastic bag works well.

Take a yellow-green shade of creamy cosmetic concealer and rub it around the bruise. Work from the center outwards a little past the bruise. Green offsets the color of red and yellow concealer hides the blue discolorations.

Let the concealer dry then determine if you need another application.

Get a cosmetic base coat the tone of your skin. Lightly cover over the concealer without removing the base.

Use a compact puff to smooth out the covered area.

Consider applying a setting powder over the yellow-green concealer to hide a light colored bruise. Use a #1 brush.

Hide the bruise with eye shadow. Start with a deeper green tone eye shadow for red, yellow shadow for bluish colors. This technique works on small lightly colored bruises.


When bruises result from surgery, ask your doctor for a suitable cover-up cosmetic and when to apply it. Cleanse off the makeup each night. Always read directions for cosmetics. Remember the obvious. Wear clothing that covers the bruised area. Pants instead of shorts for bruises on the legs and long sleeves to hide an arm bruise.


Never apply make-up to open skin or over stitches.

Things You'll Need

  • Ice pack
  • Cosmetic concealer
  • Cosmetic base
  • Compact puff
  • #1 brush
  • Green/yellow eye shadow
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