How to Make a Mezuzah Case

If you have a mezuzah (a small parchment scroll with Bible verses written on it) and want to place it in a decorative case before hanging it on your doorpost, try making your own mezuzah case. It can be less expensive as well as fun to create your own covering for your case. Involve your children in this project.

Roll up the mezuzah in a hard plastic film. Decorate the outside with colorful paints. Also, try bright sprinkles or beads.

Shape your own mezuzah case out of clay. Decorate the outside with small flowers made of clay. When the case dries, paint designs on it and glaze.

Paint a plain ceramic mezuzah case. Add flowers, stars of David, or any other design. You may also want to paste photographs on the outside.

Fit wooden pieces together to make a wood mezuzah case. Glue the pieces together with carpenter's glue. Finish the wood, add glaze or paint your wooden case.

Create a distinctive mezuzah case from colored paper using the art of origami, or Japanese paper folding. If you are already familiar with this craft, you can experiment with various colors and designs.


Decide which method of attachment your mezuzah case will require. Ceramic mezuzah cases need holes at the top to insert nails. Others can be attached to the wall with two-sided tape or a sticky clay-like substance. Measure your mezuzah case to make sure it isn't too big for the case.


Do not damage the mezuzah scroll. Ensure the interior of your case will not harm the letters.

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