How to Make Doll House Accessories

Is your doll house in need of accessories? Are the walls bare and the floors uncovered? Do the windows need that special finishing touch? If you use your imagination, almost anything tiny can become accessories for a doll house. Put your creative hat on and have some fun.

Make carpets for your doll house out of tiny pieces of drapery, printed fabric, or colored paper.

Fashion a curtain valance by tying a tiny piece of fabric on a piece of rigid wire. Salvage old doilies to use for your doll house bedspreads, curtains and throw rugs.

Draw or paint your own mini-pictures or cut out tiny magazine pictures to decorate the walls of your doll house. Make the pictures in bright colors and glue them to a larger piece of paper, which will be the frame. You can also use pieces of matchsticks to create wooden picture frames. Decorate your doll house kitchen with old buttons, which will look like fancy plates hanging on the wall.

Use a colorful container lid for a doll house-sized garbage can. Glue in a few tiny pieces of wadded-up paper for a realistic look.

Make great doll house tables with the round plastic stand that comes in the pizza box. Leave them 'as is', spray paint them or drape them with doll house tablecloths.

Create table or floor lamps with empty thread spools, colored plastic straws and dish detergent bottle tops. Stick the straw in the spool, which will be the base, and place the bottle top on top, creating the lamp.

Provide hangers for your doll house closets by bending paper clips to shape with a pair of pliers. A straight piece of paper clip can be the closet pole.


The key to making accessories for your doll house is constantly being on the lookout for everyday objects that could double as tiny furnishings.

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