How to Care For A Sick Cockatiel At Home

Cockatiels hide their illness very well. Caring for a sick cockatiel requires a proper and early diagnosis of the illness, which often helps the bird to survive. While there is no substitution for veterinarian treatment, pet owners can sometimes care for a sick bird at home.

Identify the signs of illness in your cockatiel. Signs can range from general appearance, lack of energy, failure to eat and perch, rough feathers, abnormal growth on the skin, bleeding, wheezing and tail bobbing. When the symptoms appear severe or do not go away in a few days, seek treatment from a veterinarian.

Keep the sick bird in a warm separate cage. Place a heating pad at the bottom of the cage and adjust the temperature to 85 to 90 degrees. Remove all perches except one that is close to the bottom of the cage. This way you can monitor if the bird is perching or not.

Feed the cockatiel if he is having trouble eating on his own. Buy cockatiel food from a pet store that comes in the form of powder. Make a paste according to the directions on the container and feed the bird using a gavage tube or a wide mouthed syringe.

Give an avian antibiotic to your sick cockatiel if you spot a respiratory problem. Also put vitamin supplements in the water, which come in the form of a concentrated solution.


Take proper care of your bird to prevent illness. Keep avian medicine at home for any kind of emergency. Keep the sick cockatiel under constant observation.

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