Small House Plants for a Bathroom

Updated February 21, 2017

The bathroom does not always come immediately to mind when selecting the best environment for growing plants because many bathrooms often have tiny windows or no windows at all and a great amount of humidity and moisture that not all plants thrive in. Luckily, the bathroom's very specific environment is suitable for several types of plants.

African Violets

African violets flourish in the moisture rich bathroom environment. They tend to bloom and live easily in this warmer climate, and as an added benefit, they don't require direct sunlight. This plant is a fan of tepid water, so when you water them, avoid cold water. This plant also has a predisposition towards root rot, so don't let the plant sit in its draining water all day after you water it. Water the plants as recommended, and then hold the pot over the bathroom sink. This purple plant is also suitable for bathrooms that have a purple colour scheme already or a bold colour that contrasts well with purple, such as red or green.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is ideal in more ways than one for the bathroom. Native to Africa, not only does this plant naturally prosper in warm, tropical temperatures, but growing it allows you a fresh, all natural source of aloe vera, good for both the skin and digestive system. This plant is best for bathrooms that have at least a small window or an overhead florescent light as these plants like a lot of light. Water them consistently as they store a great deal of water in their leaves.

Boston Fern

A Boston fern is a frilly, bright green plant that looks attractive hanging down from the ceiling or perched from a ledge or windowsill. These plants are ideal for the bathroom as they flourish on humidity; keeping them in the naturally moist bathroom environment will ensure that you don't have to spray their leaves daily. These plants do like light, but they don't require direct sunlight and should grow just fine under a bright fluorescent light. As an added benefit, the plush plant will make your bathroom feel like you've stepped into a spa.

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