How to plant jasmine

Written by ehow contributor | 13/05/2017
How to plant jasmine
Enjoy the fragrance of jasmine in your garden. (ntdanai/iStock/Getty Images)

Jasmine is a beautiful flowering vine that can also be trained to grow as a bush. It is an aromatic addition to any garden. However, planting does take some careful planning so that it doesn't encroach or destroy anything else in your garden. Here are a few steps on how to plant the sensational smelling jasmine in your garden at home.

Locate an area in your garden. The good news is that jasmine will tolerate an array of soils. Everything from sandy to clay. But the tough thing is that jasmine prefers as much sun and little shade as possible. If your garden is thick with trees, you may have to do a bit of trimming before planting jasmine.

Buy jasmine from your local garden centre or nursery. They will advise you of how many plants you'll need. Remember over time one jasmine vine can grow quite large, so you may only need a few plants to cover a large area. Also describe to the assistants at the nursery if you plan to trim the jasmine as a shrub or if you want it to grow in vine form, as this will also make a difference.

Dig holes. When digging the holes for jasmine, place them at least 2.4 metres (8 feet) apart. This sounds like quite a distance, but over time you'll see how beautifully jasmine spreads after you plant it in your garden. The holes should be equivalent to the pots you purchased the jasmine in. Usually this will be between 7.5 and 15 cm (3 to 6 inches).

Plant the jasmine. Remove the jasmine from the pots and plant it in the previously dug holes. Cover with soil. Be careful not to "choke" the plant by covering it with too much soil at the base.


  • Keep soil moist for optimal growth. In the winter, as growing slows, hold back on watering. If you are concerned about drainage, mulch the soil or add compost before planting. This will help ensure that the soil does not hold too much water. Consider planting jasmine under a window. That way its beautiful smell can be enjoyed inside as well as outside!

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