How to date a lawyer

Updated August 10, 2017

Whether or not you're a lawyer yourself, dating a member of the legal profession can be a challenge. Long hours, a high-stress work environment and other demands of the job can make it hard for lawyers to make time for their personal lives. If you have your heart set on a relationship with that special barrister or solicitor, however, there are some things you can do to help the relationship work.

Meet lawyers through any of the traditional methods: be introduced by your friends, answer personal advertisements or strike up conversations in nightclubs or bars. However, Legal Cheek warns that most dating sites that advertise lawyers as members seem to be primarily catering to people seeking rich partners, and have few legal professionals.

Try an introductions service such as Sirius Introductions. The Lawyer reports that services like this are popular among busy lawyers who feel that they don't have the time to begin a relationship in a traditional way.

Avoid starting relationships with colleagues if you yourself are in the legal profession. Some lawyers worry that dating someone they might see in court or across a conference table could lead to conflicts of interest. If you really want to date another lawyer, look in fields different from your own.

Be patient and accommodating. Working in law can mean late nights, long hours and unexpected cancellations. Your partner is probably as upset as you at missing a special occasion, but effectively has no choice. You will need to be self-sufficient to maintain a relationship with a busy lawyer.

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