How to successfully recruit sales representatives with Avon

Updated April 17, 2017

Avon uses independent sales women to promote its products in door to door deliveries and promotional parties. Since 2004, Avon reps have been able to become Sales Leaders and recruit their own team. A number of reps have become millionaires through this path. The most successful Sales Leaders in the UK have built up teams of thousands of representatives and they earn a margin on every sale one of their team makes. Clearly, recruiting a team of sales representatives can be a lucrative pursuit. You need to think smart to beat all the other Sales Leaders out there.

Start with the people you know best. Debbie Davis, Avon UK’s first millionaire Sales Leader hired her boyfriend as her first team member. This is unusual, as Avon stresses that it is “the company for women.” Recruit close friends, family and neighbours. A tightknit team geographically close to each other will help you to get the ball rolling.

Pay attention to the personality of your potential recruits. Avoid argumentative siblings and only pick those who have respect for you and admire your achievements.

Use your core team’s contacts to recruit their friends. Word-of-mouth recommendation works in both directions. You get to recruit the ablest of your team’s friends and the potential recruit is more likely to believe the recommendation of her friend in the team.

Create an image for your team. Represent yourself as well as Avon. Create a logo, a website and get a dedicated email address. Set up a separate bank account for the business.

Print off leaflets explaining that you are now hiring representatives for the company. Insert this information into the orders being delivered to your regular customers. As your network grows you will have less and less contact with customers so communicating through flyers will enable you to communicate directly. Remember to put your logo and business telephone number and email address on the flyers.

Gather contact information of interested people and set up a recruitment party. Your network will expand across the country as you recruit through friends of friends, so you won’t be able to invite everyone to your home. Plan a presentation and include samples of the products. If you don’t recruit many people, you can at least sell to them. The costs involved in the party are all tax deductable.

Attend local events with your team. Associate yourself with causes that interest your current team members. For example, get involved with fundraisers for charities like breast cancer awareness and osteoporosis. This will not only get you contact with potential recruits, but will also help you to retain existing team members. Show you care about the things they care about. Any donations to registered charities are tax deductible.

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