How to help me grow taller

If you are dissatisfied with your height, being shorter than you wish can really affect your self confidence and self esteem. Unfortunately there is no magic growth solution and once you have reached a certain age and height you can’t take a pill to add inches to your frame. Girls generally stop growing taller at age 16 and boys at age 17. However, you can look taller and increase your stature at any age with some simple strategies.

Clothing and style

Wear high heels or insoles. Women can go for a heel as high as you are comfortable walking in and if the shoe matches your skin tone or hosiery then it gives the impression of longer legs. Men can use wedges or booster insoles inside the shoe for an extra inch or two.

Pick the right styles. Women wear high-waisted trousers, skirts and dresses with a long slit up the side, and long necklaces. Men and women can wear v-neck tops and sweaters and men should go for regular waist jeans.

Choose colours and patterns wisely. Wear vertical stripes or a monochrome outfit in dark shades. Choose dark accessories and a belt to match. Avoid clothes with too much detail.

Posture and exercise

Practice yoga to lengthen and tone your body, making you look taller. Yoga postures that help increase height include the reverse prayer pose, downward dog, upward dog, side angle pose with a twist, inclined plane pose, and the seated spinal twist pose.

Improve your posture. Dropping your shoulders back and standing tall gives the instant impression of greater height. Do stretching exercises to work the muscles that support good posture.

Take a specialised height-increasing gym class. The A-Grow-Bics workout at GYMBOX is designed to increase height using stretching, inversion exercises, sprinting, Pilates, resistance training and high-intensity cardio. Take the six-week course at GYMBOX’s London Farringdon branch.

Diet and sleep.

Get enough sleep. Children can increase height by sleeping 10 to 12.5 hours a night and young people need at least 9.5 hours each night. Sleep affects the production of human growth hormone and without adequate sleep children may suffer stunted growth.

Eat regular meals and enough calories for your age, gender and activity level. Choose main meals made up of fruit, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, low-fat dairy and healthy fats. Make sure you drink enough water.

Get enough calcium and vitamin D for healthy bone growth. Adolescents need around 1,300mg of calcium every day. Adults must keep up a healthy intake of calcium to prevent osteoporosis and build stronger bones for an improved stature.

Things You'll Need

  • High heels or insoles
  • Dark clothes
  • Healthy diet
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