How to get rid of a flabby chest

They are the nightmarish words that no guy ever wants to hear: "You've got man-boobs." It's a subject that often provokes jokes and humorous conversations. For those affected by the condition, however, it's nothing to laugh about at all. Officially known as gynecomastia, flabby chest syndrome is not something you are forced to live with. There are a number of steps you can take to sculpt your upper-body. Eating the right foods, taking exercise, surgery, and prescription medicines can all help to get rid of those problematic protrusions.

Why a flabby chest?

It's important to be aware that a flabby chest can develop for multiple reasons. During puberty, young boys can be affected by gynecomastia. In that situation, the condition usually clears up of its own accord in a matter of months. As men age, their chest muscles decrease in size and tone and their chest fat-levels grow. The result: man-boobs. Some medications used in the treatment of prostate cancer have an unfortunate side-effect: breast enlargement. A flabby chest in a male may also be a symptom of a thyroid problem.

If checks with your doctor reveal no underlying condition behind your flabby chest, then you may just need to alter your lifestyle. Man-boobs contain excessive amounts of fat and not enough muscle. This means you need to change your diet and take some exercise. Cut out high-calorie food. Reduce your intake of fat. Replace red meat with white. Eat more fruit and vegetables. When it comes to working out, you might think weight-training would be the ideal approach. Wrong. Cardiovascular exercise provides the best results: it burns fat and calories, whereas weights help develop muscle.

If diet and exercise do not show any appreciable results when it comes to toning up your flabby chest, there are two other alternatives. One is medication. Gynexin comes in capsule form and is taken once per day. It is designed to reduce levels of fat in the body and has been shown to have noticeable effects on chest fat levels. The other alternative -- a far more invasive one -- is surgery. This involves the removal of glandular breast tissue. It is not, however, recommended for anything other than the most drastic of all cases.


Take regular cardiovascular exercise. Eat healthy foods. Avoid meals with high-fat contents.


Don't ignore sudden and significant increase in breast size. This may indicate you have a serious medical condition. Never take any medications designed to reduce a flabby chest without a doctor's prescription.

Things You'll Need

  • A diet plan
  • An exercise regime
  • A consultation with your doctor
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