How much does it cost to install a sink?

Installing a new sink in your kitchen or bathroom can change the overall look of the room. Professionals charge a set amount for installing a new sink, based on the amount of labour involved.

Installation Costs

According to Cost Helper, the cost of installing a new sink starts at around £48 as of March 2011. Cost Owl gives a range of £65 to £260 and more for the same job. If the old sink must be removed from the property, you can expect to pay toward the higher end of the range. A heavier or larger sink will also cost more to install.

Sink Costs

The cost of installing a new sink does not factor in the cost of the sink itself. According to Cost Owl, new budget-friendly sinks are available from home improvement stores for less than £65 as of March 2011. Expect to pay up to £650 or more for a larger or more elaborate model.


Do not attempt to install a new sink yourself to save money, unless you have experience working with plumbing. You can cause serious damage to the floors or plumbing lines if you install a sink incorrectly.

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