Cat Ladder Safety

Written by elizabeth ireland | 13/05/2017
Cat Ladder Safety
As cats age, they might need assistance to climb to favourite perches. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

People love their pets and try to make their lives comfortable. If your feline friend is having trouble jumping or climbing, you might install a cat ladder. Be sure to make it safe, so kitty can use it without fear.

Sturdy Base

Whether you make the ladder or purchase it at a pet store, be sure that the base of the ladder is sturdy. The base should be at least three times larger than the top step and should be heavy enough to solidly hold the weight of the entire ladder.

Short Steps

The steps of a cat ladder should be wide and not too far apart, so kitty doesn't have to struggle from one to the next. If your cat has trouble climbing, make sure the steps are no farther apart than the cat's height at its shoulders. If the cat is quite feeble, the steps should be no more than a few inches apart. If you have space for a ladder that is at least a foot wide, your cat will feel more secure.

Sure Footing

For sure footing, especially for cats that are declawed, the surfaces of the cat ladder should be carpeted. An outdoor ladder should be painted with sand paint.

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