Punto Exhaust Problems

Updated March 23, 2017

Produced by Italian manufacturer Fiat since 1993, the Punto is a popular car for both casual driving and for racing. The Punto can experience problems with the exhaust system that can seriously harm both the car and the driver.

Punto Exhausts

Most models of the Fiat Punto come equipped with oversized, 50mm stainless-steel exhaust systems and manifolds. Many Punto drivers use the cars for racing and therefore replace the stock exhaust system with a more powerful one, sometimes called a "street" exhaust system.

Exhaust Leak

Stress put on the Punto exhaust manifold gasket can cause leaks, especially near the cylinder head. This kind of leak can be extremely dangerous because it allows carbon monoxide to enter the car's interior through the cowl vent near the windshield. Leaking can also burn nearby spark plugs and other components.

Examine Your Exhaust

Since Puntos are low to the ground, you can easily scrape the exhaust systems on curbs or driveways.Perform a visual examination by simply looking at the exhaust system for holes and rust. Pull at the exhaust with pliers to see whether it is worn or solid.

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