Audi Gearbox Problems

Updated July 20, 2017

Audi is the sports and luxury vehicle brand produced by German car maker Volkswagen. Audi sedans and wagons come with a trans-axle type transmission with longitudinally-oriented engine engaged by a multitronic or tiptronic gear system.

Multitronic Gearbox Problem

ECU points out multitronic transmission failure in 2001-2007Audi models. When reversing, the gear revs the engine instead of engaging it. A hard gear lever when changing up from first to second gear occurs when flooring to get up to speed, reports Edmunds, the automobile industry website.

ATF Pump Bushing, Lunging and Engagement Failure

Edmunds attributes ATF pump bushing failure on the automatic transmission fluid pump. It attributes front-wheel engagement failure -- diagnosed as 'gear monitoring signal implausible' -- to the gearbox electronic unit failure. Lunging when parking and reversing is a problem Edmunds attributes to the gearbox synchromesh.


ECU warns that these problems could end up collapsing the gearbox and are costly to fix. Edmunds advises Audi owners to report a problematic tiptronic or multitronic gearbox to the nearest Audi service center.

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