Teflon Spray Repair

Written by clare edwards | 13/05/2017
Teflon Spray Repair
The coating on your non-stick pans can break down over time. (Frying Pan image by Haris Rauf from Fotolia.com)

"Teflon" has fallen into use as meaning any kind of non-stick coating, but it's actually a trademark of the DuPont company. Non-stick coatings can be damaged by scrubbing, metal utensils or high heat. You can find sprays to repair them.


Non-stick coatings can be affected by high heat, which breaks down the polymers in the coating and can cause it to crack or flake. Metal utensils and wire scourers can scratch away the coating. Repair sprays are advertised as being able to restore this kind of damage, avoiding the need to purchase new non-stick cookware.


Apply the spray evenly to the inner surface of the pan. Leave the pan to dry completely. Then heat the pan at 500° F for 45 minutes. This treatment is alleged to completely seal any scratches in the non-stick coating.


There has been some concern in recent years over possible health risks from deteriorating non-stick coatings, though the manufacturers deny that there is any real risk. Using a repair spray may invalidate any warranty on your pans.

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