Mitsubishi Automatic Transmission Problems

Updated July 20, 2017

The proper functioning of your Mitsubishi's automatic transmission allows your car to shift gears smoothly and multiply engine torque. This makes your engine more responsive and reduces the amount of shifting required from one gear to another.

Improper Shifting

A defective cable in the shift column of your vehicle's transmission can cause the gears to be unresponsive or shift incorrectly. For instance, your car is in park, but registers in reverse or rolls back when the park gear is not properly engaged.

Sporadic Shifting

If your vehicle shifts sporadically into neutral gear while driving, this may indicate transmission failure. Should this occur, bring your vehicle to the closest Mitsubishi dealer or authorised repair shop for immediate assistance.


To avoid costly transmission repairs, pay attention to any unusual gear sounds and noticeable changes in the way your Mitsubishi performs. Follow your Mitsubishi's owner's manual, for step by step procedures to check your transmission fluid level.


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