Troubleshooting a mariner outboard

Written by andrea stein | 13/05/2017
Troubleshooting a mariner outboard
Mariner outboard motors can develop operational problems that require troubleshooting. (boat image by pearlguy from

Mariner outboard motors are manufactured by Mercury Marine. These propulsion and steering systems for boats consist of a gearbox, engine and jet drive or propeller. Problems can develop in Mariner brand outboards for a number of reasons, many of which can be resolved via some simple troubleshooting techniques.

Motor Won't Start

A Mariner outboard motor that fails to start may have a restricted or closed fuel tank air vent. This vent enables movement of air in and out of the tank during regular boat operation and fuelling. Open any closed air vents and clear out any contaminants or other obstructions in the vents.

Motor Flooding

A Mariner outboard can flood due to worn inlet needles or a punctured float in the carburettor. Replace any worn inlet needles or damaged floats to restore proper outboard motor function.

Motor Runs Lean

The motor may run lean due to excess air leaking into the fuel system. Check the fuel pump, fuel outlet tube in the fuel tank, hose clamps and fuel line connections for loose fittings or tears, and tighten or replace them as needed.

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