What Is a Normal Room Humidity for Humidifiers?

Updated November 21, 2016

In the winter, the humidity levels in your home can drop as low as 15 per cent. That is low enough to cause nosebleeds and dry skin. A humidifier can raise room humidity to normal levels.


Humidifiers contain an interior reservoir of water. They add moisture to the air by running a drum with absorbent padding or an evaporative belt through the water in the reservoir, then blowing air across the drum or belt. This action mists moist air into the room and raises humidity levels.


Humidity levels in your home should be more than 30 per cent but less than 50 per cent. If your home is in this range, then you do not need to run a humidifier. Some humidifiers come with sensors that check the humidity levels in a room and shut off the unit when a preset level is reached.


If you do not have a humidifier with a sensor, you can tell when humidity levels are too high by checking the windows. If you see condensation or fogging on the interior surface of the windows, it is time to turn the humidifier off for a while.

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