Electrical Wiring & Loft Lighting

Updated April 17, 2017

Once the domain of students, artists and musicians, lofts have become popular living spaces. As a result, many home and building owners have started to renovate lofts for rental use including adding adequate lighting for their inhabitants. The electrical wiring can be simplified avoiding dealing with the unique characteristics of the space.


Lofts vary in size and shape so providing proper lighting depends on the loft itself. However, they have a common characteristic in that they are usually oddly shaped, so it may be difficult to make sure the light is adequately distributed. As a result, you may need to employ different types of lighting within the loft space.


Ceiling lamps are a good way to provide general lighting. However, because loft ceilings are usually high and have odd angles, some kind of cable lighting fixtures are essential. Hanging lights from jack chains are an inexpensive and simple solution and can be spaced along the loft. The cords can be hung along the ceiling to a switch on the wall. Florescent lights are another inexpensive option for particularly large lofts and can be wired the same way. Strip light fixtures or recessed puck lighting in your kitchen and bathroom offers a simple solution that doesn't require special wiring and they can be installed by simply attaching them with screws directly into the bottom of the cabinets and counters.


Turn off the power leading to the loft before working with the wiring, which can be done at the circuit breaker. Loft lighting offers -- even necessitates -- opportunities to be creative.

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