Krypton Vs. Xenon Flashlight Bulbs

Updated February 21, 2017

Flashlights offer the ability to see clearly in a dark area. The bulb that is installed, such as krypton or xenon, can make a big difference with regard to the light quality and bulb lifespan.


Krypton bulbs are part of the halogen and incandescent family of bulbs. They are filled with krypton gas which allows a longer lifespan than the xenon bulb. Two drawbacks to krypton bulbs are that they do not burn as brightly as xenon bulbs and generate more heat.


In contrast, xenon bulbs, filled with xenon gas, offer a brighter light output than the krypton bulbs. Their heat generation is minimal in comparison, allowing a more efficient use of power. In addition, the output light is whiter than the krypton bulb's production.


Incandescent bulbs are an economical way to give life to a flashlight, but the bulbs can be sensitive. Any sudden drop or jarring motion can break the bulb, so care must be taken if using an incandescent bulb in a flashlight assembly.

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