How Do I Install a Satellite Dish?

Updated March 23, 2017

Installing a satellite dish correctly is critical for product satisfaction. Mistakes in mounting or pointing a satellite dish result in signal loss, roof leaks or product failure.


Locate your satellite with a clear view of the sky pointing toward the manufacturer's specified direction. Trees or buildings hinder or prevent adequate signal strength. Consider future tree growth in this placement. The dish also should be mounted within 112 feet from the receiver to avoid costly boosting accessories.

Mounting and Wiring

Fasten the dish so that the base of its mast (pole) is square and sturdy to make pointing easier. Leave the nuts loose on the top of the mast to allow for horizontal and vertical pointing. Connect wires from dish to a ground block and then to the receiver. Drilling through an outer wall, accessing a basement vent and drilling through the floor are common methods of routing the wires into the house.


Tune the satellite receiver to its signal strength channel. Adjust the dish horizontally until the signal meter shows a signal. Fine tune the signal with vertical movement and tighten all nuts.


Secure the wires either to the wall or roof for a house mount, or bury the cable for a pole mount. Apply silicone sealant at the wire entry point to prevent water damage. Once complete, call your satellite provider to begin service. Satellite dishes that add Internet service require additional software configuration.

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