Battery Minder Vs. Battery Tender

Written by tom lutzenberger | 13/05/2017
Battery Minder Vs. Battery Tender
Many vintage motorcycles don't need battery maintenance since they don't have batteries. (The motorcycle image by Andrey Zagaynov from

Keeping a battery charged for a motorcycle or scooter during the winter can be frustrating. If normal charging isn't performed regularly, the battery can die during winter or periods of no use. To avoid this, battery maintenance tools exist. Battery Tender and Battery Minder are two such products.

Battery Tender

The Battery Tender works to pump 1.25 amps through a battery to which it is connected. However, this charge is not a constant rate. The charge changes from a full load to a floating charge that fluctuates as the battery reaches full charge. The Battery Tender monitors the battery to switch off when needed.

Battery Minder

The Battery Minder provides a similar benefit in keeping a battery fresh. Using three different options (charge/maintenance/conditioning), the Battery Minder can keep all versions of 12-volt batteries working. Using a high-frequency pulse, the product offsets sulfation which kills batteries when they age.


Motorcycle riders are not stuck with the two above products. They can always use a regular charger. However, owners need to stay on top of remembering when to charge, and overcharging can be damaging to a battery if left on too long.

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