Salix Caprea Pendula Care

Updated November 21, 2016

Salix caprea 'Pendula,' commonly known as European weeping pussy willow or goat willow, is a small deciduous tree, staying under 25 feet tall. It is a very fast grower that can put on 3 feet a year, but it can also be short-lived at under 50 years and the wood tends to be brittle.


Salix caprea 'Pendula' trees can tolerate temperatures down to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. They do well in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 8.


Salix caprea 'Pendula' trees are often sold grafted onto other types of root stock so they grow a single trunk upright, then weep like an umbrella. Ungrafted willows creep along the surface as a ground cover. To maintain tree form, they need to have their trunk supported upright and trimmed of all side branches until they are over 6 feet tall.


Salix caprea 'Pendula' grows well alongside water such as near a pond or small stream. They need wet to moist soil in full sun to light shade.


Salix caprea 'Pendula' can be difficult to care for and is prone to insect attack and blights that may require chemical treatment to control. The sucker branches need to be pruned off regularly to maintain the tree form, and the leaf litter under the tree must be frequently cleaned up.

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