Expected Battery Life of Honda Civic Hybrid

Written by catherine gilbert | 13/05/2017

The Honda Civic Hybrid is a passenger car that runs on two sources of power -- a four-cylinder, internal-combustion, gasoline engine and an electric motor. Like other hybrid cars, the Civic Hybrid has been designed with the goal of economising on fuel and being environmentally friendly.


Honda began developing its hybrid car in 1990. Its current Civic Hybrid models rely on Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology, meaning that the petrol engine is assisted by an electric motor. One recent innovation in the Honda Civic Hybrid is that the electric motor can run on its own at low speeds.


The electric motor in the Honda Civic Hybrid assists the gasoline engine during acceleration so that less fuel is consumed. When the brakes are applied and the car slows to a stop, the four cylinders and the engine both shut off and the saved energy is stored in the car's battery. The battery is also recharged by the electric motor when the battery is not in use.

Battery Life

The battery in the Honda Civic Hybrid, particularly in cars manufactured since 2006, is covered by the manufacturer's warranty for up to eight years. However, the battery is designed to last for the life of the car.

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