Azalea Problems: Curling Leaves

Updated February 21, 2017

Azaleas are valued for their colourful flowers and dark, healthy foliage. When a problem with curling leaves occurs, the appearance of the plant suffers. More importantly, curling leaves indicate that the plant is ailing and needs attention. The problem is usually moisture-related and can easily be cured with a little care.

Curling Leaves Caused by Lack of Water

Curling leaves on azaleas are caused by insufficient water. As the leaves dry out, they begin to curl. Water the plant whenever the top inch of soil is dry.

Curling Leaves Caused By Sun Scald

Sun scald is most likely to happen during the winter if the plant did not receive enough water in the fall. Exposed leaves may curl and begin to brown on the edges. Prevent sun scald by watering plants well in November and protecting them from drying winds.

Curling Leaves on Indoor Azaleas

Indoor plants are susceptible to drying out because of low humidity in the room. In dry environments or when running the heating system, azaleas need misting several times a day or place them near a humidifier.

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