What is the blooming season for hydrangeas?

Written by beth anderle | 13/05/2017
What is the blooming season for hydrangeas?
Some hydrangeas produce different coloured flowers. (y-studio/iStock/Getty Images)

Hydrangeas are perennial, deciduous shrubs that produce large "mopheads" of colourful blossoms nestling inside deep green foliage. Because their flowers are so striking, most gardeners who grow them work hard to prolong their bloom time.

Blooming season

While the exact bloom time for hydrangeas depends on the location and the variety of shrub, most hydrangeas bloom in mid to late spring or early summer. In warmer south-facing gardens, hydrangeas may bloom earlier and, if pruned immediately after blooming, may flower again later in the season.

Ever-blooming hydrangeas

This variety of hydrangea has been specially bred to ensure continuous blooms all summer long. These plants bloom on both old and new growth, allowing the plant to bloom twice in the season. Some varieties of ever-blooming (remontant) hydrangea include Endless Summer, David Ramsey and Blushing Bride.

Pruning hydrangeas

Never prune your hydrangea before the spring growing season. Hydrangeas set their flower buds in late summer or autumn. By pruning in winter or spring, you may cut off the buds and the shrub will not bloom that year.

Climate considerations

Because hydrangeas set buds in autumn and emerge from winter dormancy early, unseasonably cold weather that causes an unexpected freeze or frost can injure the buds and prevent the hydrangea from blooming that year. If unseasonably cold weather is forecast in your area, cover your shrub to prevent damage to the plant.

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