About Steel Building Foundations

Written by melissa bajorek | 13/05/2017
About Steel Building Foundations
Depending on the intended use for your steel building, you may choose a variety of floors and foundations. (steel,worker,construction image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.com)

Some steel buildings are designed to have dirt or gravel floors; they use concrete piers rather than a full slab. In other situations, a concrete slab foundation may be a better choice for your steel building.


A steel building requires a foundation to hold its weight. This foundation will keep the building level over time and provide a level base for original construction. The foundation for your steel building will anchor the columns, which helps to hold the enitre construction together.


Check with your local building department before choosing a foundation. Many local building departments require engineered, stamped, professeional foundation designs for steel buildings. Your foundation engineer should be using proven construction techniques and adhereing to OSHA guidelines, as well as any other local building codes.


Before a new foundation is poured for your steel building, have your land professionally surveyed. This ensures the site is level and the contractors know the exact boundaries of your land. After surveying, the land may be graded or levelled. Talk to the manufacturer of your steel building before pouring your foundation. Simple steel buildings may only require minor excavation.

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