Traditional Victorian Christmas decorations

Updated February 21, 2017

Many current customs concerning Christmas come from the Victorian Era. The Victorians put the focus back on family and celebrating together. Home made ornaments, foods and small toys were considered traditional decorations for the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree

The first Christmas trees were found during the Victorian Era. Candles illuminated the tree, while metallic painted nuts, marzipan, sweets, fruit and biscuits iced with pretty frosting hung from the branches.

Making decorations

Ornaments were handmade by the women of the house. Paper cornucopias were filled with sugared almonds, candy and other edible treats. Folded paper fans graced the branches as did figures made of cotton batting and cardboard. Children were given the task of stringing popcorn and cranberries used as garland.

Decking the halls

Evergreen laurel, holly and ivy decorated mantles and wound up banisters and around chandeliers. Mirrors and picture frames were decorated with pine roping. Wreaths were a popular decoration, and hung on every door and window. Stockings were hung by the fireplace and centrepieces on tables combined angel figures with greenery.

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