Suction cup dent removal

Updated April 17, 2017

Small dings and dents usually won't stop your car from running, but they don't look pretty either. Suction cup dent-removal tools are inexpensive, so you won't have to dish out too much money to get most dents and dings fixed.


Not all dents can be repaired using suction cups. Before you go out and buy a suction cup dent-removal tool, inspect the damage. If the metal is creased or crumpled, then it won't likely be an easy fix with suction. Suction cups are best suited for small dings and dents because the suction cup must fit over the dented area entirely to work properly.


Suction cup dent-removal tools or pullers don't require you to drill holes in the body of your car, so they won't require any patchwork after the dent is repaired. They're easy to use and easy to find at auto repair shops and hardware stores.


To use a suction cup puller, the surface of the dented area should be moistened just a little. Place the suction cup over the damaged area, and apply pressure until you feel the cup suctioned to the car's body. Pull back to pop the dent out.

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