What Herbicide Do You Use to Kill English Ivy?

English ivy (Hedera helix) is an invasive vine that many homeowners would like to get rid off. Its sturdiness and quick growth make it hard to eradicate. If your ivy infestation is bad, the right herbicide can be the key to complete eradication.

Chemical Control

Choose a weed killer labelled for English ivy. Herbicides containing triclopyr and glyphosate are widely available and effective. Always use according to label instructions.


It's a good idea to cut and gently pull ivy away from structures and out of trees and shrubs before using an herbicide. To avoid damage to structures, you can cut the vines at the base, then wait for them to die before pulling.


The herbicide should be applied any time the ivy is growing. The chemical is absorbed by the leaves, killing the plant to the roots. Avoid getting the spray on desirable plants.

Wait and Repeat

It will take a few weeks for the ivy to wither and die back. Expect the ivy to regrow from its strong stems. Repeat the treatment as new growth appears.

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