Ford focus transmission problems

Updated July 19, 2017

Problems with your Ford Focus' transmission may be difficult to diagnose and correct at home. There are a few indicators of transmission faults that you must consider. Certain repair procedures may be done at home, while others must be done by professionals.

Transmission Fluid

It is important to maintain the level of transmission fluid in your Focus. Leaking or low transmission fluid can cause mechanical problems, such as transmission slippage, rough or difficult shifting and noises that occur when driving. Also, you may experience no acceleration when the car is in forward or reverse gears if the transmission fluid level is low.

Shifting Problems

The shift linkage on the automatic transmission should be checked and adjusted if the engine starts when the shifter is on gears and not in Park or Neutral, the shifter indicates a different gear than one you are selecting or when the car moves while in Park. You can adjust the linkage at home with the proper tools.

Transmission Won't Downshift While Pressing the Accelerator

When the Focus' transmission doesn't shift down while the accelerator is being pressed down, the throttle cable may need adjustments. However, this would require special tools and the procedure should be performed by professionals.

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