Information About a Coping Saw

Written by chris simon | 13/05/2017
Information About a Coping Saw
Use the coping saw to cut through copper tubing. (copper cable image by Witold Krasowski from

A coping saw is hand operated and consists of a high frame with a flexible saw blade. Various grades of interchangeable blades allow you to cut materials at angles and circular shapes.


To fit the saw blade, apply downward pressure to the handle of the blade frame. Remove a damaged saw blade from the attachment grooves. Clip the lugs of the new blade into the housing grooves.


The coping saw uses high carbon steel interchangeable blades that are capable of sawing through wood, plastic and copper tubing and metals, such as steel and aluminium. The placement of the high frame allows for a cutting depth of up to six inches. Angles and shapes can be cut from the materials by angling the blade as you saw.


Keep the coping saw in a tool cupboard, away from small children. Do not touch the teeth of the blade with bare hands, and replace the blade immediately if it is bent or damaged.

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