History of crucianelli accordians

Written by siobhan egan | 13/05/2017
History of crucianelli accordians
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Crucianelli accordions first appeared in the late 1800s along with others made by artisans in small towns in Italy. Crucianelli is one of the traditional Italian manufacturers of the earliest Italian versions of this modern instrument.


After 1860, in the area of Italy known as Castelfidardo, artisans began to produce the first inexpensive accordions that were simple to play. Santa Crucianelli, like other accordion artisans from Castelfidardo, became world famous for his craft. Castelfidardo today remains a traditional centre of accordion production, along with Stradella, Recanati and Loreto.

Time Frame

Crucianelli began producing accordions under his name in his workshop in Castelfidardo in 1888. His business grew so successful over the years that in 1921 he was honoured with the Cross of Cavalier of the Italian Crown. His sons continued to produce his accordions through the 20th century and the business remained active until 1971.

Fun Facts

Some say the accordion appeared in Italy for the first time in 1863 when a pilgrim sought shelter at a farm in Castelfidardo on his way to the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Loreto. He gave his rudimentary music box as a gift to the son of Antonio Soprani, a farmer, who in turn improved the instrument and began producing and selling them in nearby Loreto.

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