Can You Get a Mortgage While in DMP?

Written by victoria robles | 13/05/2017
Can You Get a Mortgage While in DMP?
Some mortgage applications are denied due to the applicant's DMP enrolment. (denied image by Photosani from

Although a debt management plan or DMP is an affordable option for individuals who are having a difficult time getting out of debt, consumers should understand that a DMP may affect their ability to get additional financing.

The Facts

Consumers can lower their interest rates, eliminate creditor fees and combine several debt payments into one monthly payment by enrolling in a DMP. Enrolment in a DMP is noted on a consumer's credit report until all plan payments are made. While this information does not lower an individual's credit score, some lenders may looked at it negatively.


Although some consumers may be able to qualify for mortgages while enrolled in DMPs, they should check with their credit counselling agency before applying. Enrolment in some DMPs requires individuals to sign an agreement that forbids them from acquiring any new debt until they have completed their plans, which could take up to four years.


Individuals can manage their own debt in several ways without enrolling in DMPs. They can negotiate with their creditors directly to lower their payments or interest rates. They can also create a budget to keep track of their expenses and avoid overspending.

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