Husky Liners Vs. Weathertech

Written by roseann haines | 13/05/2017
Husky Liners Vs. Weathertech
Floor mats protect your vehicle's floors and carpet. (convertible car interior image by Christopher Dodge from

WeatherTech and Husky Liners are competing brands of custom floor mats for both American and foreign vehicles. The goal of both products is to protect your carpet and floorboards from damage due to dirt and moisture. The key differences are aesthetics and cost.


Husky Liners Vs. Weathertech
Mud is a carpet-killing culprit. (Mud image by lefebvre_jonathan from

WeatherTech liners are made of a heavier material, do not fully cover the left foot rest and have holes to attach to floor board hooks. Husky liners are thinner and cover slightly more floor space with moulded covers to go over floor board hooks.


Husky Liners Vs. Weathertech
WeatherTech liners will cost you more. (money money money III image by imagenation from

Husky Liners are less expensive than WeatherTech. As of October 2010, Husky Liners averaged about £71 for a set of front and back heavy-duty truck mats; WeatherTech mats average £71 for the front only.


Both types of floor mats come in a range of standard interior colours and are made specific to a vehicle's make and model. Both have troughs to collect water, mud, sand and slush, although the troughs are deeper in the WeatherTech models.

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