Purple Flowering Bushes

Written by mackenzie wright | 13/05/2017
Purple Flowering Bushes
Purple flowers can range in hues from almost pink to nearly blue. (wisteria bee #3 image by Stormy Ward from Fotolia.com)

Purple is a striking colour for the garden. Many flowering bushes, from low shrubs to towering climbing vines, have purple blossoms.


When planning a garden, look for bushes that thrive in your local environment and growing conditions. Consider the maintenance requirements for your bush and the time of year you can expect it to bloom.


Purple Flowering Bushes
True heathers are hardy plants with single or double flowers. (heather 4 image by joanna wnuk from Fotolia.com)

Calluna, better known as heather, is a short shrub that sports a spray of small, purple buds. Rhododendrons come in varying shades of purple and grow up to 48 inches tall.


Purple Flowering Bushes
With butterfly bush, you'll have lots of spring visitors fluttering around. (butterfly gathering nectar image by Robert Ford from Fotolia.com)

Buddleia, or butterfly bush, reaches heights of 60 inches with large, cone-shaped spikes of flowers. For something more fragrant, Wisteria, a climbing shrub, imparts a delicious scent.


Purple Flowering Bushes
Grow purple roses in a large pot for an unusual patio display. (white and purple roses image by Stephen Orsillo from Fotolia.com)

Don't count out rose bushes as many varieties come in shades of purple, from the lavender tinted Blue Moon tea roses to the deep violet shade of Tuscany roses.


Purple's hue is harmonious with varying shades of blue and red, it's neighbours on the colour wheel. For a more striking display, it can be paired with yellow, it's complementary colour.

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