What is the highest paid type of doctor?

Written by shoaib khan | 13/05/2017
What is the highest paid type of doctor?
Surgeons are the highest-paid doctors. (main surgeon image by Andrey Rakhmatullin from Fotolia.com)

Surgeons and specialists are the highest-paid doctors. Training to become a surgeon is a substantial investment in terms of time and money, and in many cases medical students cannot afford the training. Students who do not have large amounts of student loans to pay back usually find it easier to pursue training to become a surgeon.

Surgeons and Specialists

The average salary for an orthopaedic surgeon is around £312,650, as of 2009, according to Forbes. Apart from surgeons, specialists such as urologists are among the highest-paid doctors, earning £260,000 or more per year--more than twice as much as primary care physicians.

Salary Range

A general surgeon's salary depends largely on experience and reputation. A surgeon with one to two years of experience makes approximately £146,900 per year, and a surgeon who has three or more years of experience earns around £189,150 on average. A surgeon with several years of experience makes considerably more, up to £338,000.

Primary Care

Primary care providers, such as family practitioners and paediatricians, often make much less than surgeons and specialists. A family practitioner typically makes £112,450 a year, and a paediatrician makes even less, about £111,150.

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