Iodine Mole Removal

Written by caroline romero | 13/05/2017
Iodine Mole Removal
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Moles can develop anywhere on a human body and may sometimes become an annoyance to individuals. A safe and effective method for removing moles is the application of iodine.


Moles are skin growths that are usually either brown or black. Most adults have between 10 to 40 moles. A person may develop new moles usually until about age 40.


Iodine has gained popularity as a mole removal aid. This removal method involves rubbing the tincture of iodine on moles and allowing it to stay on overnight.The first few times when applying iodine on moles, there will not be any noticeable effects

Time Frame

Within three to four applications of iodine, a mole should become pinkish in colour. Repeating this application regularly for one week usually results in a noticeable difference of the intensity of a mole. Eventually, the mole should disappear permanently.

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