Tree of life pendant meaning

Written by chelsea hoffman | 13/05/2017

Although the symbol itself is shrouded in mystery, the Tree of Life holds a world of meaning when worn as a pendant. The jewellery ties several theological beliefs, from Paganism and Taoism to Judaism and Christianity. Knowing the meaning of the Tree of Life pendant is empowering and enlightening.

Sacred Geometry

Teachings in sacred geometry teach that the Tree of Life is a powerful symbol in Kabbalah. In the "Book of Creation," or "Sefer Yetzira," the Tree of Life is the embodiment of love created by the 10 divine numbers. Wearing the pendant symbolises walking the divine path.

Baha'i Faith

According to the teachings of the Baha'i faith, the Tree of Life symbolises the manifestation of God. The scriptures of this belief teach that the trunk and roots of the tree are God's spirit, while the branches and leaves are the followers. The fruits produced by the Tree of Life symbolise enlightenment. Wearing the pendant expresses a desire to share God's spirit with others.


Nature-based Paganism beliefs hold trees in high regard. The Tree of Life symbolises a wide range of meanings depending on the path of Pagan belief held. For example, Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life in Norse mythology, is the world tree from which life sprang. Donning the pendant in Pagan symbolism shows high regard to the creation of life.

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