Home Treatment for Dog Eye Infections

Updated November 21, 2016

Although some drainage is normal from your dog's eye, if the drainage becomes excessive, it could be a sign of an infection. According to Dog Eye Infections Guide, an infection is not necessarily a serious problem unless it is left untreated. Additionally, eye infections can be transmitted from animal to animal. If you suspect your dog has an eye infection, you should contact your veterinarian immediately to discuss possible treatments. If your doctor approves, you can use one of several home remedies that are inexpensive and avoid antibiotics.

Wet a clean rag under running lukewarm tap water. You can also use a cotton ball if you prefer. Wring out the excess moisture from the rag. You want the rag to be moist, not drenched.

Wipe the drainage from around your dog's eye with the cloth. Repeat twice a day or more often if drainage is excessive. Water can sting your dog when the eye is infected. If you find your dog is giving indications of pain when you are cleaning the discharge, such as wincing, whimpering or yelping, consider using an over-the-counter product. Eye scrubs available at your local pet store may be gentler.

Apply an artificial tear product specifically for dogs. Artificial tears will help keep your dog's eyes lubricated and will help clean them. You can also find these at your local pet store. Follow specific package instructions since products may vary.

Wet another clean rag under running lukewarm tap water. Wring out the excess moisture from the rag. Hold the rag over your dog's eye for five minutes, once a day. If you need to apply a compress on the other eye as well, be sure to rinse the rag before applying it to the other eye.

Keep hair out of your dog's eyes. Hair can cause irritation and transfer bacteria to the eye. Trim the hair or brush it back as necessary.


If you prefer to try a homeopathic option, you have several choices. You can use burdock root to detoxify your pet's entire body, rosemary to help remove inflammation and pain and meadowsweet to help with the healing and soothing of eye infections. Before using any homeopathic remedy or home treatment, discuss your dog's specific health situation with a veterinarian.


If your pet does not show signs of improvement in two or three days or the condition worsens or spreads, contact your veterinarian immediately. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after treating your dog.

Things You'll Need

  • Rag
  • Artificial tears
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