How Long Does It Take to Obtain a UK Fiance Visa?

UK fiancé visas are only issued to men aged 21 or over. Their fiancées, who must also be at least 21, must already be settled in the UK or intend to permanently reside in the UK in the near future.

UK Border Agency

UK visas are issued by the UK Border Agency, which is the key immigration arm of the Home Office. The agency aims to complete 95 per cent of applications for settlement visas in 12 weeks or less, and 100 per cent of applications in 24 weeks or less.

Visa Application Process

As with all applications for UK visas, the length of the UK fiancé visa process may vary slightly according to the country and city in which the application is lodged. In addition, applications that are incomplete or illegible will be rejected or delayed.

Online Visa Processing Guide

The UK Border Agency website provides a useful guide to visa processing times. From the drop-down menu, simply select the city and country where your visa application will be lodged to view the visa processing times for a recent month.

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