How Much do Landscapers Earn

Updated February 21, 2017

Landscapers maintain gardens and property grounds using powered equipment or hand tools. Depending on the season, they mow lawns, plant seeds, water and fertilise, rake leaves, lay sod or install sprinkler systems.


The PayScale website report that as of September 2010, landscapers were paid a base hourly rate of £5.70 to £8.0, with £8.0 to £12.80 for overtime. With bonuses, the annual salaries range from £13,078 to £20,406.


Landscaper salaries vary widely, with higher pay coming after five years of experience. With one to four years of work, they earn £13,517 to £19,838. At five to nine years, they make £20,081 to £26,542, and at 10 to 19 years, they receive £20,081 to £31,742.


Landscapers who work for themselves earn a wider and higher range of income at £15,871 to £42,155 annually. Those who work for private companies earn £19,279 to £29,250 a year.

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