Rolex-Style Braille Watches Information

Written by suzy giovannettone cope | 13/05/2017
Rolex-Style Braille Watches Information
People with visual impairments use tactile watches to tell time. (Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from

Accessible watches for people who are blind or visually impaired are available in a variety of styles. Wrist watches and pocket watches can be made with tactile markings to assist people with telling accurate time by touch. Rolex does not make accessible watches as of September 2010. However, Rolex "style" watches can be found with a tactile display.

How to Use a Braille Watch

Watches with a Braille display have one tactile dot at each number around the face of the clock. The quarter-hour markings may be signified by two dots. Usually, a Braille watch will have a clear cover protecting the face that can be lifted up to feel where the clock hands are in relation to the dots.

Price of Braille Watches

The average Braille watch ranges in price from £26 to £143. Some high-end tactile watches can reach £292. Rolex-style watches typically cost around £113.

Where to Purchase Braille Watches

Tactile watches can be purchased from stores that specialise in making accessible equipment for people with visual impairments. is the only distributor of Rolex-style Braille watches as of September 2010.

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