What is the Correct Way to Address Envelopes to Children?

Updated March 23, 2017

Children love to receive personalised mail. When addressing invitations, thank-you cards, holiday cards or birthday cards, consider following traditional etiquette concerning titles for children over the age of 10.


To address an envelope to children younger than 10, simply use their first and last name. To address an envelope to children 10 and older, add either "Miss" for girls or "Master" for boys in front of their first and last name. Continue using "Miss" and "Master" until the age of 21, when the titles will then change to "Ms." and "Mr."

Addressing the Family

If you are sending a formal invitation to the whole family, put the parents' names on the first line and then add the children's names underneath using an age-appropriate title for those over the age of 10. List the names in birth order. If you have an inside envelope, you can elect either to place their names inside or, if you have their names on the outside, just put their first names on the inside underneath their parents' names.

Personalised Invitations

If you send one child a personalised invitation for an event that all family members will be attending, do so for all children in household. Also, use a consistent method of addressing children within the household.

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